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Thursday, February 13, 2014

My Valentine's Surpise! :)

I just wanted to share the beautiful and very thoughtful gift that my husband planned out and got for me for Valentine's Day. My husband asked me, last month, what did I want for Valentine's Day. I told him that I did not want candy nor flowers, just simply something that he put his heart and thought into. He said I was giving him a tough job. I didn't know what to

This evening, after I had major dental work done and was in pain, he and our kids came home. Our daughter handed me a bouquet of pretty flowers. Inside the bouquet was a card and then a rainbow marshmellow candy pop (the swirly kind). Now, my family knows I HATE marshmellow candy, so I had no clue what this was about. Plus, I had said no candy and flowers. My husband and daughter encouraged me to just open the card and it would all make sense.

As I opened the card, I see a beautiful card with a beautiful verse, then I read the message my husband wrote. He told me that I had requested that he do something from the heart that he had to come up with, and that this was what he came up with. He said that he wanted to go back to our first 3 dates (when we were dating), and he wanted to bring back a reminder of those dates. Our first date was to Coldstone Creamery, so he gave me a gift card to Marble Slab Creamery (since we don't have Coldstone here). Our second date was to the movie theater, so he gave me a gift card for us to see a movie together. Our third date was to an amusement park, and while we were at the amusement park, he took my daughter to the candy store and lavished her with all kinds of crazy candy...including one of those big swirly lollipops! The flowers were just a side note. :) ***Oh, and I'm letting my daughter have the lollipop! lol***

I'm not big on Valentine's Day. I like doing fun things for our kids and my husband, but Valentine's Day has never really been my favorite holiday. However, my husband made this one extremely special for me. Not to mention, this is the first Valentine's Day we have spent together in 2 years due to his deployment to Afghanistan and then another military-related separation (not deployment). 

Here are some pictures of the beautiful gifts I was surprised with!