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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day to Our Kiddos!

Valentine's Day has always been a fun holiday for our kids. Like I've mentioned before, it's never really been a holiday I have ever gone ga-ga over. It's fun for our kids though! Tonight, we celebrated Valentine's Day with our children. Yes, it was a day early, but tomorrow we have a lot going on, so we figured it would be more fun to do it tonight. Our kids didn't mind. :)

This evening, our daughter got to attend her first Valentine's Day dance. She's a member of the Middle School & Teen Center at the military base where my husband is stationed. They hosted a fun party for the kids tonight. She wasn't too ecstatic over it. My daughter is so much like me when I was younger. I never got into the whole dressing up and going crazy over boys, nor did I care about dances. This was not a lovey-dovey couples type dance, but there were some couples there. It was mostly loud music, snacks, games, and a lot of military kids just having fun. Once we got home, we surprised our kids with their gifts.

Our kids don't get a whole lot of junk food and candy throughout the year, so when the holidays come around, we give them some treats. :) We don't go crazy though. Each of our kids got a cute mug with a stuffed animal, a chocolate candy that spelled out I (heart) U, a card, and a box of Milano chocolate covered cookies (I scored a great deal on them! $5 boxes of cookies marked down to only 47 cents!!! Sometimes I can find some great deals on post!). Our daughter also got a jewelry set with her initial and a Monster High makeup set. Our son got a block car to build, a bath tub basketball set, and a Mickey Mouse tamborine.

Tomorrow our son's preschool will be hosting a family Valentine's Day workshop. I am going to be collaborating with them during that workshop, and I will be hosting the #DisneySide party that I was selected for.

So now that we are done playing Cupid, it is time for bed! I hope that everyone has a wonderful Valentine's Day and that each of you gets to spend it with whomever your heart desires.