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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Groupon!!! A great deal!

I was introduced to a new type of coupon service called Groupon, by one of my friends who is also a very thrift-saavy mom and wife. I had never heard of it. She told me that she and her husband used the service a lot to get good deals on local restaurants they eat out at. Well, today, I am proud to say that I FINALLY took advantage of this great service, and WOW, I got a great deal!
Groupon is kinda like an auction for group amounts of coupons. From my understanding, I believe they offer a set amount of discount deals for local restaurants, and then they give them to you for half the face value price. So, for example, you might be able to get a $40 Groupon to XYZ restaurant for only $20. However, I believe the way it works is they have to have a set amount of people purchase that Groupon before the discount is actually activated. Well, I got lucky! I was sent a $10 off coupon for Groupon today, so I went to their website, and I found a great deal on a steak and seafood restaurant in Gadsden, Alabama, which is less than an hour from us. We have never been to this restaurant, but we looked over their online menu, and the prices were really decent, and the food sounded good! The deal going on for this particular restaurant was a $30 Groupon for $15. Well, I had the coupon for $10 off, so I bought one Groupon for this restaurant. I got $30 worth of food for a total price of only $5!!! I can't wait to try this new restaurant out! This is one of the best deals I've gotten! We will definitely use this service again!

Check them out! If you choose to join, which it is free to do, then please use this referral link: