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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My Great Buys from Today!

I started off my pre-shopping extravaganza by going through my emails from different couponing and deal-seeking blogs that I subscribe to. I learned of different deals going on at Target, so I printed off the Target and manufacture coupons that I needed and put them in my coupon binder. (I have bought a 3-ring binder that I put labeled dividers in and have sectioned off into different sections so that I can keep all my coupons organized. This has saved a ton of time, and I don't have to worry about losing any of my coupons. When it comes time to use the coupon, I put it inside of the inner pocket to keep all my coupons that are needed for that particular shopping trip together, so that I have a quick way to get them once I'm at checkout! I actually got this idea from the TLC show that aired a few weeks ago, "Extreme Couponing".)
While at Target, I started off getting only what I had coupons for, and then I found an awesome deal on Sara Lee Pumpkin pies (the frozen kind). They were originally $5, marked down to $1.74, so eventhough I did not intend on buying any pies, nor did I have coupons for them, I just couldn't pass up that great of a deal. I bought 3! We love pumpkin pie!
Once I was done with all my shopping, I checked out. My total came to over $140 BEFORE coupons...AFTER coupons....exactly $93! Savings of almost $50! Not the most extreme one for me, but it was definitely worth it!
On top of that, I found a coupon for free junior-sized Wendy's sea salt french fries. Our kids and I went ahead and ate at Wendy's for dinner while we waited on my husband to finish his Jiu-Jitsu class. I couldn't pass up a freebie! LOL So, with the food I bought and the 2 things of FREE french fries, my total for me and my 2 kids was only a little over $8. Not too bad!