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Friday, January 28, 2011

My 1st Groupon coupon experience!

I blogged the other day about a site I used for the first time, called Groupon. Well, we used our $30 coupon (that I paid only $5 for!) last night to eat out for dinner. The restaurant was over an hour away. The food was ok...nothing special like I thought it would be (since the name said it was steakhouse and seafood...I was expecting a lot more!). We did love the fried green tomatoes that we got as our appetizer. The rest of it was just ok...that's it. We got a little over $40 worth of food for me, my husband, and our kids. Thanks to my $30 Groupon coupon, we only paid a little over $12 for our the $5 I paid on the coupon, so for a total of $17 that we was worth about THAT much! LOL

We will DEFINITELY keep our eyes out for more great offers from Groupon. I just hope the next restaurant has tastier food! :)