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Friday, March 18, 2016

Social Insiders product review- RENUZIT Sensitive Scents Air Fresheners

As a product reviewer for Social Insiders, I was given the amazing opportunity to try out and review a new line of air freshener products from Renuzit! In exchange for my personal opinion, I was given 3 full sized products to try out. I was also given coupons to share with my readers. I was provided with an adjustable cone with the scent of Pure Water Blossom and Cucumber, a universal scented oil in the scent of Pure Ocean Breeze, and trigger spray in the scent of Pure White Pear and Lavender.

As Renuzit Sensitive Scents states, these are "a truly unique sensory experience. Each scent has been specially formulated and lab-tested to ensure effective, long-lasting, and pleasing scents without overpowering sensitive noses." I am very sensitive to air fresheners. Most of them, that are sold in stores, make my nose itch or make me sneeze. After using each one of these, I have had absolutely NO problems with allergic-reactions or sensitivities to these products. I do, honestly, believe this statement, as it has proven accurate for me and my family.

Each of these items has a scrumptious and delightful scent that fills the air with goodness! The adjustable cone was used in my bathroom. I have used many different brands of adjustable cones in the past, and although they may release a scent, it usually doesn't last. With the Renuzit Sensitive Scent adjustable cone, the scent lasted for approximately two weeks. Although I still have plenty of the fragrance left in my adjustable cone, I no longer smell it in my bathroom. It may be that I have become used to the smell, or it may have evaporated out.

The universal scented oil is a plug-in. I used this one in my kitchen. The Pure Ocean Breeze scent was fairly faint. It was a very good scent and could be smelled, but it was not overpowering at all, unlike most brands of plug-ins. Again, it only lasted about 2 weeks. It is still plugged into my outlet in my kitchen, but I no longer smell it.

The trigger spray is in a bottle. The Pure White Pear and Lavender is the most amazing combination of scents! This one was my favorite! I love that the scent is so crisp yet not to strong. It leaves a pleasing aroma! For example, we have had an issue with 2 red foxes getting under our porch of our house. These foxes release a nasty scent that smells similar to skunk spray. Each time they get under our porch and release their scent, it comes through our heating system. Oh, it's the most horrible smell EVER! When that scent would come through our vents, I would spray the Renuzit Sensitive Scents trigger spray into the air, on our drapes and on our carpet. It didn't just mask the smell like most would, but it REMOVED the smell from the air! (Luckily, those foxes have found a new home! LOL) I love that I can spray this spray on anything- carpet, drapes, furniture (not all furniture though), etc. It enlightens any room! My whole family LOVES this one! The spray fills a room full of delightful freshness!

All in all, I LOVED these products! (Although I am more fond of the trigger spray!) If you would like to learn more about these products, click here to go to the Renuzit site.

If you would like a chance to try out one of these items for free, please leave a comment below in the comments section! I will choose 3 lucky readers to send a coupon to! You must leave an email address or link to your personal Facebook page (set to Public) so that I have a way to contact you once you are selected!