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Friday, July 18, 2014

Wounded Warrior Project REALLY DOES Help Wounded Soldiers/Vets & Their Families!

Wounded Warrior Project
I just wanted to take this time to talk about something that really has bothered me. I have been seeing a lot of negative postings on social media in regards to the Wounded Warrior Project. I will first say that my husband is a 2-time combat wounded, Purple Heart recipient (Medically Retired) Veteran of the Iraq & Afghanistan Wars. My husband, our children, and I are all alumni of the Wounded Warrior Project; therefore, I speak from personal experience with the program.

Wounded Warrior Project was started to help comfort our wounded-in-action military members while they were being hospitalized for their wounds. Volunteers would hand out care packages that had toiletries and other items that the service members would need while in the hospital. The care packages were to help the wounded know that someone was there for him or her and that someone cared. When my husband was wounded in action in Kandahar, Afghanistan in 2013, he was hospitalized for a few days. While he was there, he received one of these care packages. In fact, he still has most of the stuff that came in that care package.

Wounded Warrior Project not only helps our heroes with VA claims, financial help when needed, help finding jobs, mentoring, therapeutic events, caregiver support, combat stress aide, and many other topics, but they also offer family-bonding events/warrior-bonding events/caregiver-bonding events for the family, warrior and caregiver! We have been blessed by Wounded Warrior Project and given the opportunity to take some amazing trips with Wounded Warrior Project, all expenses and travel were always provided, and not only did we have some absolutely wonderful times but also met some amazing friends too!

Some people feel the need to spread propaganda around that speaks negatively about Wounded Warrior Project, but I want to speak, as someone WWP has helped, to let everyone know that this is one organization that stands behind its mission and purpose!

*** Wounded Warrior Project did NOT pay me or ask me to endorse their organization or to write this blog post about their organization. I did this on my own. I am a PROUD supporter and alumni of Wounded Warrior Project!***

Here is a list of just some of the things we have done with WWP so far:
  • Swimming with the dolphins in the Florida Keys (family event)
  • Winter Soiree Formal Ball with overnight stay & delicious 5 star-waiter-served food & drinks (couples event)
  • Private theater-screening of "The Nut Job" (family event)
  • Easter egg hunt at Callaway Gardens, GA (family event)
  • Caregivers Spa Retreat (Fri-Sun) at 5 star ocean-side spa resort with spa treatments in Mobile, Alabama (caregiver only event)
  • 5 Day trip to Culinary Institute of America in Poughkeepsie, New York to learn to cook fine dining/5 star food from top chefs (couples event- unfortunately, our stay was cut short due to a health issue, so we only got to stay for 1-1/2 days)
Here's a glimpse (with photos) of some of the stuff we have done!

****Culinary Institute of America, Poughkeepsie, NY****
My husband and I, in our CIA/WWP chef uniforms, waiting for class to start
One of the cafeterias- used to be a monastery a lifetime ago

My husband and I preparing to cook!

Some of the food that our team made!

 Our bag of goodies that CIA and WWP gave us to take home!

        ****Caregiver Spa Resort Retreat****              

I had such a blast sailing!

Everyone had so much fun!

WWP loaded us ladies up with some wonderful spa and relaxation gifts!

One portion of the beautiful Grand Hotel Marriott, where we stayed.

I absolutely LOVED the spa day!

Our beautiful farewell dinner!
****Swimming with Dolphins (family trip) in Florida Keys****
Our daughter kissing our dolphin Santini

My husband swimming with Santini

Here I am swimming with Santini!
Our family with Santini, our dolphin!

Our son kissing Santini