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Monday, July 28, 2014

Public Thanks to Milwaukee Tool Company

One of my dear friends is married to a wonderful man named Tim, who just so happens to be employed by an awesome company called Milwaukee Tool, based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Tim is a very generous man and has a soft spot in his heart for our U.S. military members. After finding out that my husband was a Wounded Warrior who loves building things, Tim went into action to get Milwaukee Tool to help donate tools to my husband. My friend, Tim's wife, emailed me one day and asked if my husband had any tools. I told her that he didn't and that he had been borrowing his dad's tools to build stuff around our home. She told me that her husband and Milwaukee  Tool wanted to surprise my husband with some new tools of his own, as a thanks for his service. So, last week, my friend and her husband personally delivered this batch of amazing tools to my husband. Thank you so much, Milwaukee Tool and Tim, for supporting our military members and my Wounded Warrior husband!