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Saturday, February 8, 2014

How to Become a Product Reviewer

Another thing I always get asked about is how to become a product reviewer, so I will explain how I got started. It may be different for each person, but this is what I did!

Back in 2006, I came across a website for a company called Their company was looking for people to agree to have products sent to their home, then they had to agree to host a party at their house, with their friends and family, and let everyone try out the products. We had to take pictures and videos, and then we had to blog about it. I signed up for a free blog, and then I signed up for I got chosen! :) I started applying to host parties for different product companies, and then I started getting chosen for parties. I hosted parties for Mattel Barbie, Green Works cleaning products, Green Works laundry detergent, Febreze, Revlon, and many others.

Once I got the hang of this, I started looking for other companies like and found a few more. I applied. I got chosen. I started requesting products to review, then I started getting mail and packages every month!

Since 2006, I have increased the amount of companies that I do product reviewing for. I am now a product review blogger for, Bzz Agent, SheSpeaks, MomSelect, Vocalpoint, Purex Insiders, and a few others.

The most important thing about product reviewing is to remember: 1) More than likely, you will NOT receive monetary payments. You do receive FREE products though! 2) You WILL have deadlines that you will have to stick to. This is just like a job, but you don't get a get FREE products! 3) Your blog has to remain searchable and active. 4) You have to maintain your integrity as a product reviewer and blogger. If you start slacking off or don't report your blogging efforts, then it is just like you dishonored an agreement (and yes, you do electronically "sign" agreements vowing to do the blogging part and the reviewing part). If you dishonor your agreement, then you will be looked down upon and you will eventually lose the trust of companies. If an emergency arises for some reason (like an illness, computer breakdown, etc), sometimes they will work with you if you know you can't meet the deadline. Just please contact the company you are reviewing for.

It's pretty simple. You just have to make sure that you stick to everything you agree to do, and you have to follow the rules. Some things will not be able to be shared with others. Some things will not be able to be used until a certain time. Just read the fine print and stick with the rules.

Good luck!