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Saturday, September 19, 2015

Milwaukee's Annual Kite Festival 2015

Every year, right by Lake Michigan's lake side, Milwaukee hosts an awesome (FREE!!!) Annual Kite Festival at Veteran's Park! Thousands of people come out to enjoy the sights of hundreds of beautiful kites of all sizes as they fly through the skies. There are a lot of vendors present too, so you can grab a yummy bite to eat while watching the beautiful skies above.

One of the cool things about Veteran's Park is that there is a little store on site, called Gifts of Wings, that is both a snack stand and also a kite store, so while attending this event, visitors can check out the store and buy their own kites to fly outside. This year was the 2nd year that we have attended this festival, but the last time we attended was 6 years ago (when our son was a BABY!). This time BOTH of our kids got to enjoy the festival and each got to pick out a cool new kite!
After picking out their new kites, we found a clear spot outside, then their Daddy assembled the kites for them.
    (Excuse my finger in the left corner. LOL It was extremely bright outside, and I could not see that well through the view finder so I did not realize that my finger was in the way) 
Our kids had so much fun flying their new kites, and Daddy even had a blast flying the kites when they weren't. I sat with my husband's service dog so that he could enjoy his time with our kids. (My husband is a wounded combat war Veteran who has had quite a troublesome past year due to his injuries, so right now he is making up for lost times with our kids. They are loving it, and so is he!)

For our family, this is such a wonderful event. It's a typically peaceful event, where everyone is there to just watch the kites fly high and enjoy the beauty of nature. We can't wait until next year!