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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Purex Insiders Product Review- RENUZIT PEARL SCENTS

As a Purex Insider, I was recently chosen to try out the new Renuzit Pearl Scents room freshener. In exchange for my personal opinion and product review, I was provided with one FREE full size product and coupons for free products to give to my blog readers. 
I must admit, when I first received this product to try, I was not really sure of how great it would be. I have tried other brands of room fresheners that are made from similar beads, and they never quite impressed me. Honestly, my expectations were not very high. However...that soon changed!

Upon opening the seal on the Renuzit Pearl Scents, I was taken back by how strong the aroma was. It was strong, but in a good sense. It made me feel hopeful that I would soon be impressed by its performance. I left it sitting on my counter top, and then I left my house for the day. I had several errands to run that day, so my house had many hours to soak up the amazing smell of the Renuzit Pearl Scents. I had this product in my kitchen. My kitchen and dining room are very large, and then my living room is connected, which is also very large. I can't say that the Renuzit Pearl Scents is meant for large areas; however, my portion of my kitchen that it was sitting in smelled so good! The smell was uplifting and smelled like a beautiful rain garden.

I have had this sitting in my kitchen for about a week, and I do have to say that the scent has vanished. I have tried to shake the beads to possibly reactivate them, and although I can smell it standing in front of it, it no longer spreads the aroma through my kitchen, so in my experience, the aroma is short lived.

If you would like to learn more about the Renuzit Pearl Scents, you can check out the Renuzit site here.

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