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Thursday, February 6, 2014

#DisneySide @ Home Celebrations Hostess Selection!!!


I was recently selected to be one of the hostesses for the amazing upcoming #DisneySide @Home Celebrations party! I'm beyond excited. What better way to show love for Mickey than to celebrate the magic that he and his friends bring to the young and old alike!

Waiting for my package was like waiting for a gift to arrive before Christmas. I was so antsy. I was so excited when it was finally delivered. The curiosity of what the package entailed was a mystery, as we were not told what was in the hostess package. What an amazing surprise it was though!

 Hewlett-Packard sent us several packs of photo card paper to create beautiful photo cards for our guests.
 Complete Mickey Mouse party supplies...galore! Craisins. Even some measuring cups from "The Chew."
 I absolutely LOVE the traveling luggage piece that they sent to us as a thank you for hosting the party!
 Pack of white plain t-shirts and fabric markers for our guests to make their own decorated t-shirts.
 I loved all the goodies that this package included! My guests are going to love them too!
 The cute thing about the party supplies is that this was the same set of Mickey party supplies (design) that we used for our son's 4th birthday party last summer. :)
 Over-sized team cards for our guests to decorate.
 My hostess gift! I love this suitcase.
We are going to have a blast at this party!!!

I am going to be teaming up with our son's preschool to host this party during a parent-child event that his preschool already had planned. I think the parents and kids are going to be ecstatic when they get to experience their #DisneySide while having fun together!

I will post pics from the party once I host it. So keep your eyes peeled!