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Monday, August 5, 2013

MomSelect Product Review: 2013 #CadburyHighTea In-home Party

I was so excited to find out that I was chosen by MomSelect & Cadbury to host the 2013 #CadburyHighTea In-home Party! I knew that my daughter and her friends would go nuts over this one! (My 4 yrs old son did, too! LOL)

First of all, I received the most amazing party package from MomSelect & Cadbury. It included several boxes of the newest and very delicious Cadbury ice cream bars, adorable tea hats and bird cage hats for each girl to wear and to keep, and a cute china tea set with a creamer and sugar set too. I used my own personal tea collection to provide delicious teas for the girls, and I also supplied them with non-sponsored cookies that I bought. I also bought party supplies in black and white floral print for the guests to enjoy their snacks on.

My daughter's friends, Grandma Peggy, "Big Sister" Maranda, her teen aunt Cassidy, my toddler son (4 yrs old), and my daughter all had a blast. She only had a couple friends who were unable to make it, but those who were able to attend, all had a blast! I set up the party on our porch and hosted the party outside since it was a nice summer day. I heated up water and put it in the tea kettle for all the girls to make their own tea. I set up a dish wish sugar and creamer for those who wanted it. They all had so much fun picking out their teas (which were NOT sponsored for this event! These were from my own PERSONAL collection!) and chowing down on some yummy ice cream bars!

Everyone loved the ice cream, the tea, and the beautiful hats...even my 4 yrs old son! Yes, even HE picked out a hat and wore it during the party. Sure, most boys wouldn't want to wear one, but he loves his Sissy, and if she does it, he wants to do it. Never fails! At least it made for some cute and funny pics! Like one of my friends said, "At least now you have some great shots for the Senior year book!" haha! All in all, everyone had a blast!

 These Cadbury ice cream bars are absolutely DELICIOUS! Super creamy, sweet but not too sweet, different flavors to choose from....soooo good!