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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Notice about My Giveaways

Hello everyone!

I was informed by a reader that she did not agree with the methods used for my giveaways of coupons for FREE PRODUCTS. As with all things in life, nothing is completely free. We all have to do something to win something. If we want to win the lottery, we don't win anything if we don't first purchase a lottery ticket. If we want to win a drawing, we don't win anything if we never put our name in the drawing. Just as with all contests, my readers are asked to do certain things to enter the contests and be eligible to win the prize. The way that I run my contests was actually suggested by the companies that I am giving away the coupons for.

There have been times that I have wanted to enter a blog giveaway, but the blog owner requests that the readers do 20 different things and then they are not even guaranteed that they will receive a prize for it, so most of the time I do not even enter other blog giveaways. Although, I have entered a few that requested just simply entering a drawing with my name, and I have won 3 prizes from those in the past.

I will NEVER request my readers to do anymore than 3 steps to win a prize. Anything past that is just ridiculous. Every blogger can run their contests how they want, but as for me, I like to keep things simple.

I love doing these giveaways, and I love spoiling my readers! If a reader does not agree with my methods, then by all means, please contact me if you want, however, to keep it fair to all my readers who have already followed the rules of the giveaway, I will be unable to change any rules unless I am notified by one of the companies to do so. I want these contests to be fair, and at the same time, I am given guidelines to follow in order to host a giveaway.

I will continue to host my giveaways in the same manner I have been. I have also contacted one of my companies I deal with for more clarification. If anything changes, in regards to how I need to handle a giveaway, I will change the requirements of the contest. However, as it stands, all requirements of my giveaways remain how they are stated. Also, if you have entered a giveaway and followed all requirements of the giveaway, your entry is still valid, and those who have already been notified about winning will still be receiving their coupon.

I just wanted to clarify this issue in case anyone has any questions about it. Thank you for your time!