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Monday, August 27, 2012

Product Review: COMBAT Source Kill Max Ant Bait & Ant Gel

I was recently selected, through Purex Insiders, to try out the new Combat Source Kill Max Ant Bait & Ant Gel. Ironically, I have not had many ant problems this year like I normally do, so I have been unable to try it out in my home; however, we always have problems with ant hills outside in our yard, mainly from red ants/fire ants, so I decided to try the gel in the ant hills to see if it would work. I can tell that the activity in these ant hills has decreased. I have not been seeing many ants in our yard, so I give the gel a thumbs up! I will let you all know what the ant bait is like if I ever get a chance to use it!

**Combat provided a free sample of these 2 products for me to try out and review. This review expresses my own personal experience and does not guarantee you will have the same result.**