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Thursday, April 7, 2011


Free Food!!! Yes, it's possible...very possible!!! How do you get it? Well, it's as simple as keeping your RECEIPT from each purchase. Huh??? Let me explain....

ARBY'S- If you love Arby's as much as my family does, you've been given back quite a few receipts. Have you ever cared to look on the backside of your receipt? If you have, then you know there is a SURVEY they want you to call in and do in exchange for a FREE sandwich. The survey only takes maybe 1-2 mins to do. This provides feedback for their service, and it provides you with a free lunch...can't get any better than that!

BURGER KING- We don't eat at BK much, but unlike Arby's where all you have to do is take the survey, BK requires you to call in to do their survey but also buy a drink and fries to receive the free sandwich.

SONIC- We love Sonic! We don't eat there much though. Not every Sonic has this promotion either. When we lived in Wisconsin, nearly all Sonic's had this promotion going on, but when we moved to Alabama, we never saw it again. On the back of SOME Sonic receipts, they will have a survey you can call in and do, again only 1-2 mins. of your time, and you'll receive a FREE 44 oz. drink.

IHOP and many other restaurants also have free food programs for kids, where you have to purchase an adult meal and sometimes eat during a certain time-frame to receive a free child's meal off the child's menu.

When it comes to the fast food restaurants, you can sometimes get a completely FREE MEAL by simply doing these surveys for different restaurants and taking one in for a sandwich and another one in for a drink. When we lived in Wisconsin, we had a Sonic and an Arby's right next to each other, so I'd get my FREE sandwich from Arby's and nothing else, then I'd go over to Sonic and get my FREE drink!

Nothing beats FREE! :)