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Sunday, February 13, 2011 A Great Way to Learn & Try BEFORE You Buy! more can I say? It's awesome! The idea behind this program is that you get to test out a new product in a house party setting, so you and your guests can enjoy the new product and learn about it together. All it takes is a few moments to sign up for free at Once signed up, you can start applying to be chosen for houseparties. Once selected, you will be notified. You will set up your own party site, which is provided to you at no cost, then you will invite your guests and start planning. The goal is to have your party when everyone else around the USA has theirs. This doesn't always work out though, so you will have to choose an alternate date. You get your package via FedEx. Once you receive your package, look inside and see all the goodies that are sent to you. All these goodies are for you and your guests to enjoy "on the house." Host your party and share your goodies.
This is an awesome program. I am a member and have been chosen for many parties. I love it!