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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Freecycle- Community Recycling Program

Ever seen the show "Hoarders"? Ever feel like you should be on that show because of all the "junk" you have laying around that you need to get rid of, but you don't want to throw it away because you just know that someone else could use it? Not quite sure how to find someone looking for your "treasures"? Well, is the place you are looking for...and might not even know it!

What is Well, to put it simply, it's an online recycling program. The way it works is:
1) you sign up! It's free to join, so go ahead and go to and let your fingers do the work for you!, 2) you find the community or city that you live near that has a Freecycle network set up and you join that one., 3) once you are approved, you post an item or more that you want to get rid of. (Post an "Offer"!), 4) wait for someone to contact you stating they want the item., 5) make arrangements for that person to pick it up (I do not ever suggest allowing anyone into your home nor do I think it is a good idea to go into anyone's home if you do not know them.), 5) once the item is picked up, you need to post it as a "Taken"., 6) now you can post a "Wanted" for whatever you want or need. Now I can not guarantee that someone will always have what you want or need, but if they do, they will let you know by responding to your wanted ad, then you will make arrangements to get it. NO ONE CAN EVER CHARGE FOR ANYTHING on this site! It's always free!
The idea behind is to keep our environment clean by reducing clutter in landfills. Why throw away a bed or a couch if someone else can use it? Right? There is also another idea behind it...sharing! :)
Save some money. Save the environment. Nothing better than that, right?